Towelroot APK Latest Android Application Free Download

Towelroot APK: Having nightmares of rooting your Android Device? Are you afraid of bricking your phone while rooting? Yet you need to install “root only” apps as handy. Here’s the solution.

The Towelroot apk for android came with an awesome feature called “make it rain” tap to root. Yes! It is the exact thing that Towelroot does to your device. Imagine how a 101 Kb android application can do all these by a single tap on your phone screen. Towelroot apk is a miracle to the “rooting your android” dream which has been already come true, making not a nightmare anymore.

Towelroot Apk

What is “Rooting”?

Considering your android phone, do you know all things it can do? Most probably yes. But do you know there are some hidden features which is really important for your day to day life that can be done with your same Android Phone? Those things have been hidden because your phone manufacturer doesn’t want to lower the demand of their flagships. That’s right. They have make them “hidden” only because of the price. So, the developers behind the scenes have developed Towelroot to make them visible to you, so that you can take full advantages of your phone in your day to day life. Just download Towelroot apk and feel the freedom which you have never felt.

Towelroot APK Latest Version (3.0)


Why only Towelroot?

Simpleness and caretaker. Have you ever tried an android rooting app like SuperSU or VRoot? (Some of the best I have tried in early ages) Do you remember the mess you had to go through when rooting with them? If you are not familiar with what I am explaining, imagine this example. You have to reach a destination via a rural route. What’s better than cutting bushes and making a road? A ready-made road and you are there. That’s what Towelroot does to your rooting travel. You can wipe your sweat using the towel while rooting. That the idea of Towelroot APK. So do you need any other apps for rooting your device? No.. That’s where you need to try a Towelroot download here. DOWNLOAD

How to root using Towelroot APK?

This section of my article guides you through the world’s most simple process of rooting your android device in a flick. I have test this with my LG D802 Intl version and it was the best rooting experience I have ever had.

Before going through the step wise sequence I thoroughly advise you to take a full data backup of your internal memory and phone memory; like photos, musics, videos and phone book. If they are synced to a cloud then no worries at all. It’s recommended to remove any Removable Storage’s like Memory chips or OTG connected Flash drives or Hard disks. Make sure you have more than 60% of battery juice before continue for your own safety.

Let’s roll with the steps now.

Step 1: First thing’s first, you need to download Towelroot APK using anywhere but following link. Because I can assure the trustworthiness of the downloading source. DOWNLOAD

Step 2: After the completion of download Towelroot, you have to send that file to your phone’s storage (recommended the phone storage) and open it by simply tapping on.

Step 3: You may be asked with a warning, harmful app detected with untrusted source. I can advise you to ignore that and tap proceed. There’s no risk. It’s Google’s policy that you may not install any app other than from Google Play Store. Some devices may have to change a configuration in android settings management.

Step 4: Once all the security measures done and passed, now you can open the installed Towelroot APK from your phone it self. No need of PC or nothing. Just tap and wait.

Step 5: Once the beginning screen of Towelroot APK comes all you have to tap on “Let it Rain” button and wait for the rain of rooting your device. All the handy works will be secretly carried out by the Towelroot APK itself while you enjoy your donut.

Step 6: Once the process is done after maybe 5-10 mins depends on your device’s speed and RAM, you have your Rooted Android device thanks to the Towelroot APK’s handy work!

Now you can enjoy the freedom of rooting your device as a liberated bird in sky. Don’t forget to thank the source you learned how and from whom.

Troubleshooting with Towelroot APK

Unlike any other sources which you will receive how to install but with harsh disclaimer, we do claim any misleads done by our community or in this article. You may be doing mistakes but we do not abandon you in the middle. That’s when we offer you the troubleshooting if anything goes wrong. Human to human helps, no machine can help for our mistakes.

The Phone is really slow after Towelroot Rooting?

Well. This happens mostly after a fresh rooting. Not only with Towelroot APK, from any other rooting system you may feel this. It’s because of the caching of the host files helped when rooting your device. These files may be kept in case of a systematic failure such as a power down when rooting so the system needs to be rolled back before restart. Now you know after a successful root you don’t need these host files again. So, to clean them, go to the Android Application settings and select the installed Towelroot APK icon and after loading the settings page, hit clear cache button. It will take one or two minutes and now your system will run smoothly. A restart will clear all the memory dump after this.

Phone was stuck after tapping “Let it rain” button?

Don’t worry. Some devices take time to configure the rooting process. This configuration includes copying host files to the system cache like I said before. So, let it be. If the app is freezed due to the Android System halts, Towelroot APK will terminate itself without harming your Operating System of device, peacefully. All you have to do is run the Towelroot APK again and tap on “Let it rain”.

If you need to unroot your phone again?

It’s simple as a single click. By the way why do you need to unroot it? The most case scenario will be to upgrade into the latest OS released by your phone manufacturer. Yes, you will not receive any official OS updates after you rooting the device. That’s when the Towelroot APK helps you to unroot the device in a single click. Just click “unroot” button on Towelroot APK settings then do your work. If you need to be rooted back again, you know the procedure. Simple as that!

Towelroot APK System Compatibility

One Towelroot download will promise you with unlimited number of rooted devices as per the minimum device hardware requirements. The following points will give you the best knowledge before installing Towelroot APK whether you are feasible enough to proceed or not.

  • Towelroot APK will require at least 10 MB of your phone storage to install and unpack.
  • To download Towelroot you will require about 101 kb of your bandwidth allocation. Which is really negligible. So, you can download it from your mobile phone browser itself using this link. DOWNLOAD
  • Android version should be higher from 4.0v (Ice Cream Sandwich)to run the Towelroot APK feasibly according to the app makers.
  • Device RAM should be at least 256 MB so you know this is the minimal in the market now a days.

If you are good to go, my wish is the best of luck to you! Yes it is guaranteed. Have fun rooting your smart device. Do not bend to the phone repair centers and black markets.

Credits About Developer

Towelroot APK has been well furnished and developed by the most known developer / hacker, Geohot  who recently discovered severe vulnerabilities in Apple iPhone  and Sony PlayStation 3 deficiencies. He knows to where exactly the Towelroot APK should go in your phone’s operating system and keep the things where they belong even after the rooting process is done. That’s the guarantee Geohot can give to lower your heartbeat and saving manufacturer warranty.